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Working together, we can make a difference in ending hunger!

Each of our initiatives is crafted to offer a distinct solution in the ongoing mission to eradicate hunger in our community. Our Food Bank is structured to ensure fair and accessible distribution of food and essential items for those battling hunger and food insecurity. We currently assist approximately 300 families each month by providing them with thoughtfully curated food hampers. These hampers are carefully tailored to sustain a family for an entire month and are further personalized to align with specific dietary or religious requirements. In Kenya, it costs 3500 KSH per month to adequately feed a family. Let’s join forces to make hunger a thing of the past.

Food Hampers Distribution in Lamu

In the heart of Lamu’s satellite village, the Muslim Food Bank extends its compassionate embrace to uplift the lives of about 40 deserving families. Their unwavering commitment is not limited to just sustenance; it encompasses nurturing the future. With focused dedication, they lend nourishment to the minds of eager learners in schools and madrasas. Each meal served is a testament to their profound care, a beacon of hope that illuminates the path of many young hearts, promising a brighter, nourished tomorrow. In this oasis of benevolence, the Muslim Food Bank exemplifies the true essence of humanity, leaving an indelible mark of love and empathy on the beautiful tapestry of Lamu.

Food Hampers Distribution in Ukunda

In the gentle embrace of Ukunda, a place of both beauty and struggle, emerges a flicker of hope as the kind-hearted souls of this community extend a lifeline to 20 families in need. In a world where hunger whispers its sorrowful tale, these compassionate gestures create ripples of comfort and relief. The simple act of providing nourishment is akin to lighting a candle in the darkness of uncertainty for these families, igniting flickers of gratitude and resilience. The warmth of a meal not only fills bellies but also hearts, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey. In Ukunda, this gesture echoes a melody of unity, a symphony of compassion, resonating across the hearts of both givers and receivers, forging a stronger, more caring community.

Food Hampers Distribution in Mandera

Mandera County, the northeasternmost in Kenya, faces challenges like drought and terrorist attacks by Al-Shabaab. Our partners on the ground assessed marginalised villages and identified 60 needy families requiring food assistance, including those with disabilities, the elderly, orphans, and the mentally ill. Border Point 1 village, along the Kenya-Somalia border, suffers from conflicts, leading to internal displacement and loss. Ksh 208k was provided for food distribution, benefiting families with essential items. The Special School for the Deaf also received support. Food packs contained rice, sugar, flour, cooking oil, beans, tea, and salt. The community greatly appreciates the donations.

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