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Yemen, Palestine and other conflict or natural disaster areas. Responding to the urgent food crisis and providing aid to those affected



Palestine faces a severe humanitarian crisis, with millions in need of assistance, including over thousands of children. Hunger is a significant challenge, and unfortunately, the crisis lacks extensive coverage. Many Palestinians are grappling with food insecurity, and millions are at risk of famine. Amid regional turmoil, internal conflict, and limited media attention, basic needs and medical supplies are scarce. This enduring struggle calls for your support. 


Yemen is one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises with more than 31 million people in need of assistance according to the United Nations. Children account for more than 12 million of those needing assistance.
Regrettably, there hasn’t been any extensive coverage of this crisis. Many Yemenis are experiencing food insecurity (hunger) and millions are at risk of famine. The people of Yemen are subject to the turbulent conditions in the region.