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Feed the Hungry in Kenya

With your support we are able to feed our
brothers and sisters in need in Kenya


“Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) Said Allah Said: Spend on charity, O Son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.”

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Our Programs

Muslim Food Bank Kenya has launched several initiatives focused on improving the well-being of humanity, including programs such as ASPIRE Counselling, self-employment initiatives, youth mentorship, and tree planting initiatives, among others. Below, we highlight a few of these programs to demonstrate how valuable your donations have been in supporting these efforts.”

Through our dedicated case management and counselling services, MFBCS acknowledges the various obstacles individuals encounter while striving for self-sufficiency. We concentrate on eight core areas to help people overcome these challenges effectively:

Food Insecurity
Water Accessibility
Employment Support
Housing Support
Education Support
Skills Development
Physical Health Support
Mental Health Support
The Prophet Muhammad (S.W.A) said:

"Charity does not decrease wealth."

At Muslim Food Bank Kenya, our mission extends beyond merely addressing hunger and water accessibility issues. We are committed to empowering individuals to achieve self-reliance. Our comprehensive approach includes case management, counselling, emotional support, youth development, and capacity building.

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