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Orphans and Single Parent Support

Lets Support Orphans and Single Parents in Kenya!

Our Orphans and Single Parents Support program is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by orphans and single parents. We provide mentoring and role models to guide them, offer essential life skills training and career counseling, instill values and social responsibility, and prioritize their emotional and mental well-being through counseling and community support. Our program fosters a sense of belonging through networking, promotes holistic well-being, and continuously evaluates and adapts our services. We also advocate for policies that create a more inclusive society and raise awareness about the struggles of this demographic.

Our visit to Anfaal Orphanage

We had a great time at Anfaal Orphanage. There was so much talent, skills, hopes to be explored. We realize the importance of mentoring or your talent.

We understand the need of aspiring them, motivating them and counselling them on whatever they want to achieve as careers in their lives.

Further, we got a chance to enhance their recitation skills, correct the way they perform Salah.

Our visit to Swabur Orphanage

We also visited Swabur orphanage where we find so much talent we just have to explored them. We provided them counselling and guided them with communication and companionship skills. They need people like you and us to light their pathways with knowledge and guidance. Let them know that, they are not going to be untold, unheard and left behind.

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